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Cassia fistula, also known as amaltas, is considered a beautiful tree which is usually medium in size with large leaves. The leaves are of dark green and bright yellow flowers. Its bark, fruits and leaves have been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Here are some beauty and healthy benefits of cassia fistula.

Leaves of cassia fistula tree can effectively provide relief from skin irritation, swelling and pain. You may use the juice and paste of its leaves to treat skin problems such as ringworm and inflammation in the hand or feet caused due to cold conditions. Rubbing leaves of cassia fistula on problematic areas of the skin can also be very effective.

The bark and fruits of this tree have great antioxidant properties and hence, can boost immunity of the body. Regular consumption of the extracts from the bark and fruits can improve natural immune response

Vernacular names:

Sanskrit: Kritamala, Vyadhighata, Shampaka, Shamyaka, Nrpadruma, Kritamalaka, Rajavriksha

Bengali: Sondaalee, Sonaalu

English: Indian Laburnum, Purging Fistula, Pudding pipe tree

Gujrati: Garmaalo

Hindi: Amaltaas, Girimaal Kannada: Kakke, Kakkemar

Malayalam: Konna

Marathi: Baahvaa

Oriya: Sunaari

Punjabi: Amaltaas, Kaniyaar, Girdnalee

Tamil: Konnai

Telugu: Rela

Urdu: Amaltaas

English: Indian Laburnum, Purging Fistula, Pudding pipe tree, Golden shower, Golden pipe tree

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