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Jamalgota (Croton Tiglium), also called Purging Croton, is most powerful laxative, which has stimulant action on bowel movement. It has potent effects, which results in cramps during defecation and loose stools

Purifying (SHODHANA) the seeds of Croton Tiglium (Jamalgota) before using it therapeutic purposes. The main target of this process is to reduce its irritant property. Jamalgota purification process includes following steps.

  1. Soak croton seeds overnight.
  2. Remove the outer coating (layer) of croton seeds.
  3. Remove leaf like cotyledons from inside the croton kernels.
  4. Tie in a cotton cloth and form bag (POTTALI) for steaming (SVEDANA) kernels.
  5. Now, add cow’s milk in stainless steel container (or ayurvedic instrument DOLA YANTRA) and heat it to boil and to produce steam.
  6. Now, hang the cotton bag with croton seeds above the milk container and immerse the bag in milk container. Give heat produced in the milk container for 3 hours.
  7. After that, remove seeds from cotton cloth and wash them with warm water.
  8. To reduce more irritant effect of croton kernels, then you should also press the kernels between two blotting papers to remove residual croton oil.
  9. Then dry then in the sun. Then the croton kernels can be stored in dry glass jar or earthen jar.
  10. To reduce side effects of kernels, limejuice is helpful. Ayurveda texts recommend processing (BHAVANA) croton kernels with limejuice three times.

Quick Point:

  • The oral use of unpurified seeds (croton kernels) and croton oil is likely unsafe. All these can cause severe inflammation in intestines and lead to intense abdominal pain and cramps.
  • Purified kernels may be useful for people with severe or chronic constipation, but the regular or frequent use of Jamalgota (purified kernels) is also unsafe. Its regular use may cause intestinal sluggishness and reduce natural peristalsis.

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