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The root of the plant drug is suitable for uses as medicine.Roots are quite mucilaginous and roots need to be utilized after peeling off their outer bark.Root is pleasantly odourous,light and slightly sweet or sweetish in taste.Roots give ash on burning.
Seeds and leaves are externally applied to inflammation,localized oedema or swelling,boil,painful organ.Decoction of infusion of seeds and flowers is given in cough and respiratory disease as it effects as demulcent medicine in respiratory tract.Seeds are also mucilaginous and given in diarrhea.Dysentery,urinary burning sensation and intestinal inflammation.Roots are mainly antiphlogistic and anti-cough and in corsya and dry cough,the decoction of roots,seeds and flowers is given.Trophical effect is also analgesic of drug beside other medicinal properties.
It is an emollient and is used in making absorbent pills and pestilles.Leaves are useful in preparation of a soothing ointment.
The roots are available in market as Resha Khatmi and used as a drug in medicine.Flowers commonly known as Tukhma Khatmi besides other parts like stem,leaves,gum are used for medicinal purpose.

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